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Tender Clarifications:

For clarification on tenders details, please send correspondence to: 

  1. Corporate Services - tenders.cs@rmit.edu.au 
  2. IT Category - tenders.it@rmit.edu.au
  3. Property Services - tenders.ps@rmit.edu.au 
  4. Equipment - tenders.equipment@rmit.edu.au

Please include in your subject line the tender project number for your enquiry 

WEB Site System/IT issues:

Should you require assistance in the Registration process or in downloading & Site Password Lock OUTS...

Please contact:

DecisionMax Help Desk on

(02) 9949 7603

or email inquiry@decisionmax.com.au

Subject Line:  RMIT Uni Portal -

ABN: 91 091 379136 


Vendors must register their organisational details on the RMIT Tenders Portal to obtain the tender pack and participate.

For Open Tenders : 

1.     On the left-hand side of the RMIT Tenders Portal home page, find the tender in PUBLIC TENDERS > OPEN and "register" your vendor details

2.     Once successfully registered, you will be sent a password to your created account

3.     Log into the RMIT Tenders Portal and download the market documentation

For Select / Invitation Only Tenders : 

1.     Go to "Register" or "Login" on the RMIT Tenders Portal page

2.     Once successfully registered, you will be sent a password to your created account

3.     Email the appropriate RMIT contact (select from email addresses above) to be invited to the tender details

4.     Upon receiving your email invitation, follow the link within the email.

5.     You will be redirected to the RMIT Tenders Portal, where you can log in and download the market documentation. 

You are not required to fill out all fields should you wish to not disclosure sensitive organisational information, however you must create a profile in order to correspond and submit a response.

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you use the Google Chrome internet browser.

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